Have a good new year with Love More!

Sponsored Review

Is this a love letter for me?

Of course not!
This is a mask from Love More with a cute envelope packaging!

Love More masks are endorsed by famous Taiwan celebrity Tiffany Hsu!
If you watch 《下一站幸福》, you should know who she is!

Another endorser from Hong Kong called Kary Wu
said in her blog that she loves to pamper her skin with Love More masks end of the day!

I know most masks on the market always state “Use this once or twice daily”…

but their camellia and tourmaline a.k.a 山茶花 mask can be used daily!

It helps to whiten + tighten and firm our skin, making our skin look soft and supple!

I’m enjoying it! I really am!
My skin absorbs the essence from the mask really fast as compared to many masks out on the market.

If you want more whitening, you can also choose their Diamond Super White Mask!

Diamond keeps our skin looking radiant!
Best for using it before CNY because your skin would glow the next day.


Love More masks can perform magic.

They give you instant lifting effect with their 3D Lifting Masks.

The mask contains ear hooks and flaps for tightening your jawline!
After using it, my skin felt really tight! No kidding!

Here is an extra tip when putting on your mask:

Place this in your refrigerator 15 – 20 mins before you use it!
The cooling helps to close up our pores!
(And feel very shiok when you use a cold mask :P)

Use your ang bao money to get these masks in Watsons at $7.90 for 5 pieces of masks
and it is $8.90 for every 5 pieces of 3D Mask!


You might want to redeem this mask for in thesamplestore before buying them!



Happy Chinese New Year!

Huat ah!


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