Overcoming Acne

I’m frequently spotted carrying medications around and when all my friends ask me if I’m sick, I promptly replied them that I’m eating medicine for acne.

Then they will proceed to say this,

“Huh? You got pimple meh?”

When I said yes, they will look at me in disbelief because they didn’t spot any mega zit on my face!

Just a few days ago, I was looking through my old photos I saw a raw picture (raw as in not processed or altered with photoshop at all) of myself!









DENG DENG DENG DENG! -cues horror music-

I took it during a family gathering in popo’s big house when I was in year 1 (2008).

Now do you believe me?

Back then I was a very very lazy girl. I went to bed with makeup on (eww) and didn’t cleanse my face properly every night before I sleep (eww). It wasn’t until I went to a 3 day workshop (and time doesn’t allow us to bathe. FML) and it worsen my condition, did I discover that I actually have very bad looking skin.

Since I overcame that hideous pimply stage of my life, I thought I should share it with other girls and guys out there!

I’m not flawless now, but my condition has improved tremendously!
I squealed everytime I got a small zit on my face now. Hahaha.

I went on medication in mid 2009 I think and changed medication in November 2009 to a stronger but very effective medicine called Oratane.
It’s almost like 仙丹 (miracle pill in Chinese we call) because after a week of consuming it you can see the effect already!

I’ve already completed my course for more than 6 months now and still having good skin days most of the time!


Side Effects

Oratane works by reducing the amount of oil produced by our skin. During the course of medication, peeling is very very common.

As my skin is very fragile due to the dryness of my skin, I had to change my cleanser and avoid the sun.
Everytime I went out for a site visit my face turns so reddish and after a good 10 minutes out in the sun, you can see my skin starts to peel.

Other than dryness, the downside of this medicine is probably the price.
Mad expensive (imo la)! I spent 100++ bucks every month at the clinic!

It’s expensive but I guess it’s worth it if it can cure my acne problem.

p/s: You can find more information of the clinic at http://www.healthsprings.com.sg/. Request for “Dr. Soh” if you are going down to the clinic because she’s the only one with experience in aesthetics services! All my rashes and allergies are treated by her!

p/p/s: It’s not an advertorial!


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