Reivew: The Body Shop Seaweed Pore Perfector

Anyway this is not an advertorial. I bought this more than 6 months ago but didn’t use it because I didn’t feel any difference on my first try.

Recently I gave it another try (partly because it was expensive) and this time round I feel there is a good difference in my skin!
It claimed to reduce the appearance of enlarged pores and helps combat blemishes.

Pros: I have blemished and sensitive skin and the area around my nose kept having small tiny zits (no pus) and blackheads. That area around my nose usually feels quite bumpy because of the enlarged pores. After using the product my skin condition seemed to have improved quite a bit. My skin feels matte and smooth and zits have disappeared! It also acts as a good makeup base for large pore areas. 😉

The texture of this product is rather gel like and yellowish. When I apply it on my face, it is quickly absorbed.  A small dot is enough to cover my T zone. Usually I would gently pat the product on my skin after moisturizer. It works something like serums too I guess.

It has a light scent and smells really nice because it’s not too overpowering. I guess if my sensitive skin is not irritated by the scent the others would not too.

Also, I just found out that you can reapply it on your face during mid day even with makeup on. I’m not sure how true is this, but once I tried it out I’d update this post again aite. 😀

Cons: $32.90 for a small bottle (15 ml) is quite expensive. However if you use it sparingly you can use it for a long long time.


Would I repurchase it again?
Not sure. If I have that extra money in my pocket, maybe I would.


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