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I was invited to a movie screening of local film called Forever 《我爱你爱你爱你》 by!

The movie starred award wining theater actress cum local Jazz singer Joanna Dong and Taiwanese actor Mo Tzu Yi.

It’s not your typical romance movie about a guy falls in love with a girl.

It’s the reverse.

Joey (acted by Joanna Dong) is a girl so crazily obsessed with love and marriage with a special someone. You will be seeing that Joey, who seems like a sweet girl actually turns out to be a creepy stalker of Gin (acted by Mo Tzu Yi) when she realizes her affection for him. Joey goes all out to pursue Gin in hope that he sees that she is the the one for him.

This movie reflects on people who are often seeking for true love, perfect guy and the ideal wedding. Us girls especially, being true hopeless romantics, we always have our so called “Happily Ever After” fantasies etched in our minds. So we’ll just keep searching, and searching until we find the right one.

If it sounds like you, go and watch it and watch the distorted love idealization Joey has!

Also, check out Joanna Dong’s singing. She’s a fantastic Jazz vocalist!



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