Look at my new webcam!

I purchased a Live Cam Socialize HD AF from Challenger yesterday and I was so so amazed by the result!

It is a high quality webcam that takes 10 MP photos, with wide angle lens and has many awesome effects!

Part of me decides to buy this because the lousy Olympus camera died!
And I need to camera or sort to take pictures of products, my face and stuffs.

Another part of me bought this because I need a webcam too la. Hahaha.

I took these shots during night time where light source is limited, so you can imagine how it would be during day time!

Best part of the deal is… I only forked out $1.10 for this awesome webcam!
But I’m not telling you how I did it. 😛

Till then!


3 thoughts on “Look at my new webcam!

    1. 淑絹 says:

      I only did minor photoshop on the pictures (my wall isn’t that clean because it’s very old). It looked low quality at first when I unboxed it. It involves quite a lot of changes of the settings. I guess one would just have to play more with the cam to improve quality.

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