I really love good skin!

Good skin days are love! This photo was taken after we went to a blogger event hosted by CU Skin. (More about this at a later date :))

It’s really difficult to spot a good skin days recently because I’ve been using a detoxifying product. 😦

I hope my skin can clear up as much as possible. It’s a torture to wake up everyday to a new zit. Ugh.

Anyway, my sister and I recently created a youtube account to share our beauty tips to every vain girls out there. We are not really beauty gurus like Michelle Phan, but I guess every tips are appreciated right?

You can check out our beauty channel at http://www.youtube.com/thevenusbeauty.

Our first video is a night time routine done by my sister!

I promise you girls that we would be posting up more videos in the future (when we are free, that is. :)) So just watch that space ok?

p/s: Do we look like twins in the picture? Hahaha~


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