Types of Eyeliner

Different types of eyeliner used can create different types of look. Lining our eyes not only makes our eyes bigger but also brighter.

Here are the types of eyeliner one should look out for, especially if you are a beginner to makeup!

1. Crayon Eyeliner

Crayon eyeliner is the most easiest to use and gives you better control because they are shaped like pencils. They are often used because of the intensity and it is able to create smokey eye effect. Crayon eyeliner are best for beginners.

However they are also easier to smudge. To prevent eyeliner from smudging, simply use a similar colour eyeshadow and pat on the line.

2. Cream Eyeliner

Cream eyeliner usually comes in a pot. They are used with an angled eyeliner brush which comes with the purchase or you can get the brush separately.

They goes on smooth and glide more easily than crayon liners. If you already know how to apply eyeliner using a crayon liner, then you should find no problem using a cream liner.

One of the cons I dislike about cream liner is the brush. I really dislike keeping a separate brush and I have to search high and low for the eyeliner brush. Storage is also difficult as prolonged storage without using would frost your cream liner.

3. Liquid Eyeliner (Pen)

I like to call this type of liquid liner a pen liner because it just looked like one! Pen liners have a felt tip similar to our soft brush markers. They gives a thin and crisp line when used correctly.

I love using pen liners because they are somewhat smudge proof (but not waterproof so be careful) and they dries so much faster than brush liquid liner.

Just be careful when you buy pen liners because cheaper versions might not glide as smoothly as the expensive ones. A good drugstore version of pen liners which you can try is the Maybelline Impact Express Smooth Felt Liner.

4. Liquid Eyeliner (brush)

This liquid eyeliner has the most difficult application of all eyeliners I’ve seen. I was so dumb to use this without trying crayon type and they kept getting into my eyes (ew!). So beginners, don’t use this first.

The liner comes in a small bottle which has a brush applicator. If you can’t draw a thin and straight line on a paper, keep practicing before using this type of liquid liner.

This type of liner dries slower than the pen liner and therefore after applying, you are advised not to blink or look up. But I like this liner because it gives me a nice sharp line and removing it is a breeze with water only. 🙂

When shopping for eyeliners, be sure to check if they are really what they claimed to be waterproof or smudgeproof.

To test if they are smudgeproof, apply it on the back of your hand and wait for few seconds before rubbing. Use a little bit of the oil produced by our face and rub it with the liner to see if they comes off.

For waterproof products, simply run it under the water. 😀


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