Charlene’s Black Loft


I’ll be introducing a new blogshop to you today and it is the….

Charlene’s Black Loft is a new blogshop founded by 2 girls, namely Charlene (obviously) and Leeloo. The girls believe that the clothes you wear shows who you are and therefore they wanna bring you the most fashion-forward apparels so that you can be a fashionista too!

Their debut collection ranges from chic to sexy and casual, so there’s always that suits your style.

While the usual spring/summer trend is all about floral pieces, black rompers are still in trend! Just pair it with a black booties or thong sandals for a casual day out with friends!

Or a leopard chiffon blouse that is so sheer, it shows the wild side of you! Pair it up with killer stilettos and you are perfect for night time partying!

You can also opt for a mustard colored romper that is so bold yet versatile. Mustard looks great on any skin colour and imo, is a must buy for this season.

And for my readers…

 As this collection is their debut launch, you are entitled to 5% off all items!
Also, pricings stated are inclusive of local normal postage!

Do support Charlene’s Black Loft and join their mailing list for first hand updates!
And if you are not much of an e-mail person,
you can also join their Facebook or Twitter page for updates!

Hurry and visit Charlene’s Black Loft now!

Charlene’s Black Loft
Charlene’s Black Loft
Charlene’s Black Loft


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