Be Smart, Be Organic

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Would you like your skincare product to be ORGANIC?

That’s right. The above picture are the key ingredients of the Viccal’s serums.

Take a look at the ingredients in your current skincare product right now. How many active ingredients you find are derived from plants?

But in Viccal’s serums, there are a total of 10 ingredients derived from plants. If you think organic food are good for our body, so does organic serums.

Viccal is a company set up because of the dissatisfaction in the ingredients in our daily beauty products. Some products (not all) we find in drugstores and cosmetics counters carries gross ingredients (such as bull semen and bug’s juice. EWW.) in their products.

Viccal has 3 serums for their basic collection, namely:

1) No. 1.10 – Nurture and Strengthen
2) No. 2.11 – Detoxify and Heal
3) No. 3.12 – Revitalise and Energise

You might be wondering why are there codes for each serums. Here how it works:


The number 10 stands for 10 active ingredients in their product, so 2.11 means 11 active ingredients and 12 means 3.12 active ingredients!

So today I would be reviewing 1.10 and 2.11 serums respectively! I’ll start on the 2.11 first because this is the first serum I got from Viccal.


This is a serum which delivers detoxifying benefits to repair and renew skin’s condition. As said on the bottle, it is called “detoxify and heal”, therefore your skin is expected to go through a “purging” stage. Users would expect the process to take a week to purge before it starts healing.

The serum also helps reduce appearance of inflammation and reduces the visibility of pores over time. Users who are prone to breakouts, acne, blackheads, whiteheads, oil seeds and mild eczema are suitable for this bottle.

My personal experience:

Let me show you how I look like before started using:

No major problems. Just a little blackheads and oil seed near the nose. My cheeks are free from pimples.

Anyway the experience wasn’t a pleasant one because it was too overwhelming for my skin. I had breakouts by the fifth day of using and more was coming.


Right side of my face

I experienced large cysts like pimple as well and it was so painful. By the end of week 2, it was full blown and my cheeks were covered with pimples and blocked pores.

Left side of my face

By the end of week 4, they started to calm down but more were appearing on different parts of my cheeks.

It’s so devastating because I’m showing EVERYONE how my face looked like after using it. Reduces confidence immediately. (But thank god I don’t look so bad now because the acne has gone down quite a bit with the new regimen I’m using)

I managed to contact the management of Viccal and met up with Vicky to access my condition. She was so nice and she gave me 1.10 which she said was more suitable for my skin and would calm down my skin within a week. So nice of her!


This is a serum for dry skin but may shin during mid-day. It helps dehydrated and tired skin to look firmer and more radiant. It also helps to promote elasticity and therefore can be used on areas such as chest and neck which are prone to wrinkles.

So I had combination DRY skin + sensitive skin, prone to breakouts but on the dry side.

My Personal Experience:
After using the serum for a few days, the clogged pores seemed to subside a little but the acne kept appearing. After 2 weeks, I had to stop because the purging was quicker than the recovering.

My Verdict:
It doesn’t work for me based on my experience. BUT, don’t put down this brand just because of my experience. There are many bloggers out there who had fantastic experiences with this product.

Yes it doesn’t work for me, but for my sister it did very well and she is now spotting very beautiful skin. Read her review here to see the improvement on her skin! Lastly, do some research about this product before coming to a decision.

If you are currently using it, don’t expect instant results from Viccal. Give it a month as most skincare products take 30 days or so to make a difference in your skin.

So for those who are interested, you can still go ahead and try it if you like!

Hanamei Brightening Serum

Hanamei is a sister brand of Viccal, and it is used for after-shave to brighten up our skin that has been darken by hair removal and micro-abrasions.

Just like Viccal, this serum comes in a cute bottle that resembles our Iodine solution in science labs!

Now if you have sensitive skin that are prone to razor bumps after hair removal, you might want to give this a try!

Hanamei contains Aloe Vera extract which helps to soothe irritation, heals wound and protects the skin!

My Personal Experience:

My skin is really prone to bumps after hair removal.
(There are still hair on my legs because I painstakingly remove them with a pincer. I can’t remove my hair using other methods as my legs get itchy bumps as huge as a mosquito bite after waxing/shaving.)

If you are interested to purchase Viccal serums, you may buy it at:

The Medical Practice
1 Raffles Link #01-03A
1 George Street #05-05 (Lobby C)
Tel:6438 5322

Visit their website and facebook page now for more information!

And Hanamei can be purchased via phone currently as their website is currently on construction. Call them at:

6343 0157

Visit their website now for more information about their serum and other products!


2 thoughts on “Be Smart, Be Organic

  1. Dear Valerie,
    It was a pleasure meeting you a few weeks ago! How are you?
    You are correct in saying VICCAL was set up due to the dissatisfaction of commercial products. We feel that there are too many unnecessary ingredients in most commercial products: fillers, alcohol, artificial fragrances, and even essential oils (which some of us have accumulative sensitivities to).
    We believe our 100% botanical actives will be better for our skin health in the long term, and enable to skin to take care of itself as well.
    We know that for a small percentage of our users may not see an improvement in skin health and appearance even within the first two months. However, we do advise one to perservere as the skin will naturally heal itself with the high levels of plant actives.
    Also, you may want to use VICCAL Serum No. 2.11 Detoxify & Heal once in three days, and the VICCAL Serum No. 1.10 Nurture & Strengthen once a day.
    Please do keep us updated with your feedback as your opinion matters to us!
    You know you can contact me anytime =)
    Warmest Regards,

    • Hi Vicky!
      I believe that your product works but I’ll probably revert back once my face has healed and update you about my experience once again. 🙂

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