Review: Fast Five

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I was invited to attend the movie preview of Fast Five, also known as Fast and Furious 5 at Iluma Bugis two days ago!

Yes, the movie that has exciting car racing scenes, muscular men and hot babes with legs that go on forever.

To side track a little, here’s my FOTD for the event:

I finally convinced myself to wear pink eyeshadow and lipstick out that day! The last time I wore barbie makeup out was Secondary 2. Hahaha~
(I posted a FOTD tutorial for this look here, so go have a look if you’re interested.)

If you watched the Fast and Furious series, you might notice the recurring casts in Fast Five.

What seemingly look like a Fast and Furious reunion is not only a movie that reunites the casts and groups them into a formidable team, the movie is also exciting enough to get you glued to the seat till the last bit of the movie.

Though Fast Five is the fifth installment of the series, the timeline takes place between Fast and Furious (2009) and Fast and Furious: Tokyo Drift.
Mia is pregnant and the guys want to gain back their freedom by stealing the entire wealth of the most powerful and corrupted businessman in Rio.

Not to mention the team got to the top of the wanted list and hunted by DSS agent Luke Hobbs (acted by Dwayne Johnson). There are some serious fighting scenes between the two muscular men (and bald too)!

It was certainly a good movie if you are someone who loves speed and action packed movies!

What you would be expecting from the movie will be a minimal aid of CGI and the awesome timing of event sequences. It’s not even a little boring and I love it because there is a little humor added to relieve tensions in some point of the movie. Towards the end of the movie there was a twist which I considered to be somewhat clever.

Now if you are going to watch it, be sure to stay till the end of the rolling credits. There is a scene with Dwayne Johnson that perhaps prompts that they will continue the series.

It is now showing in theatres so be sure to catch Fast and Furious 5!


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