Friday the 13th

It’s an upsetting day for me.

The scholarship that I’ve aimed for since year 2 didn’t worked out. I’ve put in a lot of effort, energy and time into it because I’m really hoping that I could get it.

Words could not even describe how I felt now. I was bawling for a few hours and now totally lacked the energy to do things, or even to eat.

I just wished everyone could stop bothering me now. I really don’t have the mood to talk. It’s a large setback for me.


4 thoughts on “Friday the 13th

  1. Cheer up! Words can’t help, but I’m sure you will find the courage and motivation to get back up and even!

  2. ))):
    Cheeeeeer upppp! you tried your best alrdy. you can choose to work in some company and get their scholarship. There is always a way! 🙂

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