Brighter and Bigger Eyes

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For people who aren’t putting colors on their eyelids because they are afraid to look too over the top, it’s time for you to change!

Start with a less striking colour such as pastel green!

Pastel green has been showing up a lot on runways this year and this color is worth taking note of. It is flattering on all types of skin tones and it gives peepers a refreshing look!

Now here is my take on pastel green, subtle yet brightens the look. To complete the look, the key thing is to use an eyeliner to draw a thin and crisp line and mascara that elongates lashes so that the green stands out!

I recommend SANA’s Super Quick Liquid Eyeliner EX to achieve the thin line you want!

The super thin and sharp tip allows you to control the thickness of the line you want. To get a really thin line, use a feather light movement. Apply more pressure if you want a thicker line.

It’s staying power is really strong too! I had to use a bit of pressure to wash it out with my makeup remover!

If you fancy long lashes, try Sana’s Super Quick Mascara!

The mascara has good curling and holding power, which doesn’t smudge as well! The mascara wand is good for applying at the inner and outer corner eyelashes, and the fibers makes our eyelashes longer!

I was also given this Super Quick Liquid Eyeshadow EX to try out. It’s a brush tip applicator and to be honest, I don’t fancy this design because it’s hard to control the amount you want on your lid.

But the colour is nice though!

This look is perfect for daily makeup and it will make your eyes look brighter and energetic!

And now to conclude the end of this sponsored beauty post, there is a contest for you!

Just click this link and participate in this contest and stand a chance to win SANA’s Eye makeup hamper!

I’ve already participated in this contest, so you can vote for me if you want. 😀


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