Ginvera’s New Product Launch

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I’m pleased to inform my readers that Ginvera has 2 new products for their whitening series that tackles blemishes and acne marks!

Aqua Whitening Cream with Oil Control
– Provides benefits of skin whitening, UV protection, oil control, lightening of spots and acne scars and prevents the formation of pimples.
– Helps to effectively hydrate and clarify skin for natural and radiant glow

It’s a whitish cream that feels a little heavy but it spreads very easily on the skin. (Anyway the cream in the picture reminds me of Hershey Kisses that I just ate :D)

For the ingredients wise, I’m a little worried as they listed Ethylhexyl Isopalmitate as one of their ingredients. Ethylhexyl Isopalmitate is listed as a highly comodogenic ingredient and therefore should be avoided for acne sufferers. Which means to say, you should not use this product as a spot treatment unless you’re totally acne free!

And again, it’s a cream product which I don’t feel safe using on my combination dry skin (dry on the inside, oily on the outside) because it might be a little too rich.

For the next product I’m going to introduce to you is their BB cream! Yes, even Ginvera also have their own BB cream!

This BB cream is quite watery but the tone doesn’t really match my skin. It’s darker than my skin and when I applied it, it looked like a dark patch from afar. 😦

I would say that the coverage is medium, enough to cover brown spots such as freckles but not enough to cover black spots such as moles.

I did a coverage test (on my thigh! Haha!) for you to see and judge for yourself!

I used my black eyeliner and brown eyeliner to draw dots on my face, probably the size of a mole. Then I used dabbing motion to cover up the spots I created!

The black spot that I colored turned grey where the brown spot was almost covered!

Ingredients wise, I saw Sodium Chloride listed as one of their inactive ingredients.  It is a highly comodogenic ingredient and a mild irritant. If you are sensitive to Sodium Chloride, please avoid using this product!

You can find this product at Watsons, Department Store, SASA and all other leading cosmetic houses.

Or, you might want to redeem a sample to try out before buying their product! Just click the image below and it will bring you to Ginvera’s facebook page!




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