Transforming Skincare (Giveaway Included!)

I was invited to MURAD’s new product launch event last week! It’s like the first event that I went alone and I’m so glad that I did go!

(NOTE: this is NOT an advertorial because they weren’t requesting for a post for this event  but I think I want to share it because their products were so good!)

This event is to promote their new product range – the Hybrids, makeup with skincare benefits!

On a side note, here are some of the ranges that they carry. They have almost everything for every kind of problematic skin – From blemished to acne to anti-aging, you need it they have it!

So now, coming back to the highlight of this entry… the HYBRID makeup.

Makeup with skincare benefits don’t really sound that fresh and interesting anymore. Loads of makeup products such as our BB Creams, Foundations and other stuffs also contains ingredients that heals or moisturizes our faces.

HOWEVER, I want to rave about is how intelligent their products are. Gadgets are not the only thing that are high tech anymore!


I know how frustrating sometimes to find products that suits your skin tone, especially tanned girls. Most BB creams are too light in colour or too grey and they doesn’t look flattering at all right?

Their skin perfecting primer uses shade adaptive technology that suits everyone’s skin tone!

When I pumped out the product I was quite skeptical about it because it looks darker than my skin tone. But after I blend it into my skin, it magically disappear into my skin, leaving it looking flawless! If you don’t have a good complexion, cheat with their skin perfecting primer!

Yesterday I let my sister try it and she loves it too!

There are two types of primer for 2 different types of skin condition. Matte finish are for people with oily skin and Dewy finish for people who have dry skin. The difference between the 2 types of skin condition is because…

See what I mean?

Oil control wise is also very good. I wore it to my shoot yesterday and I look oil free for the entire day!

Give Away Alert: MURAD also gave me the Dewy Finish in a starter kit size which I won’t be able to use it because I don’t have dry skin. Please scroll down to the bottom of this post for more details!

I think this product feels like a normal eye concealer. Not very interesting IMO, but the next product, the Eye List Illuminator is an amazing product to rave about!

It uses a special Re-Luminate Complex to brighten and minimise the dark eye rings!

There is a rubber tip to help you to apply the product on your eyes. When dispense out, it is a sheer violet liquid and glides on smoothly on my eyes. I wouldn’t recommend applying directly on eyes though, as our eyes are very delicate. So I normally would dispense it at the back of my hand and pat it on my eyes.

During application, there is a slight tingling feel on my lids – nothing serious. I like that kind of feeling as it makes me feel that the product is working on my skin!

So if you are interested, you can read more on their website!

Of course I would also like to mention the awesome ambiance and buffet I had that night!

Rows of yummy food and dessert!

If you are interested in their products, they have a counter at BHG Bugis so please feel free to take a trip down to their counter and have a look! They can also access your skin condition right there so that you can use something that is suitable for your condition!


I was given some of MURAD’s items to try out BUT I only have 1 face and wouldn’t be able to use all of them so…

If you would like to win any of these items below (you can also win them all if you want), just e-mail me at!

1. AHA/BHA Exfoliating Cleanser (30mL)
2. Skin Perfecting Primer – Dewy Finish (5 mL)
3. Waterproof Sunblock SPF 30 (30 mL)
4. Essential-C Day Moisture SPF 30 (10 mL)

Please also note that the products mentioned above are all in starter kit size, not retail size!

Go and find out more about the products you’re interested in this website ok!


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