Black Magic IPL

No no no girls, it’s not so voodoo magic I’m introducing today.

Porcelain Face Spa has just launched a new treatment called Black Magic IPL. Anna (a very nice lady from the spa) sent me some information and invites me to take part in their blogging contest.

But wait, do you know what is IPL and what is it for?

IPL is known as Intense Pulsed Light. I guess more of us are more familiar with IPL that removes hair, but there’s also another type of IPL which is for face rejuvenation.

Black Magic IPL is the latest reinvention of IPL. The term Black Magic is also known as the photo reborn gel or plasma magic gel and this IPL is currently the hottest IPL in Korea!

(and there I was thinking, if it’s the most popular IPL in Korea, it must be good because it’s from Korea… Ha ha ha)

The difference between the traditional IPL and the Black Magic IPL lies in the gel they use.

Traditional IPL Treatment

Traditional IPL uses a clear gel, use to cool the epidermis during the treatment during treatment and prevent light from scattering.However, there might be loss of energy which may lead to the treatment not being as effective.

Black Magic IPL uses the plasma gel which is black in colour, which is why it is called Black Magic! It aims to target large pores and oily skin, but does not reduce pigmentation. Energy used is also half as traditional IPL!

Black Magic IPL is suitable for people with acne, large pores and oily skin. It contains titanium dioxide and carbon in charcoal to increase the effectiveness of the treatment.

– The powder of harmless titanium oxide in gel makes plasma light irradiate
– Heat caused by continuous light catalysis and active oxygen which is effective on sterilization reduce inflammation
– Carbon in natural charcoal and papaya extract makes effective peel possible and the skin soft and clear
– Portulaca Oleracea and paradisi (Grapefruit) extract are good for reducing and relieving inflammations
– Aloe barbadensis leaf extract and hyaluronic acid are effective for moisturization
– Titanium oxide does not only kill bacteria cells, but also decompose the cell itself. It has been found more effective than any other antibacterial agent
– The ability of titanium oxide to absorb UV light energy can provide significant improvement in the weather ability and durability of polymer products.

Even though it has so many benefits, some people might experience slight side effect which includes skin breaking out. Either your skin is too dry or that it is part of the detoxification process. Hence, moisturizing should be done to minimize the side effect possessed.

If you want to know more about Black Magic IPL, visit their facebook webpage now!


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