Graduation Ceremony

Pssst… I finally received my first flower from boyfriend!

My boyfriend looks so handsome today!

My lecturer Mr Idris (bottom right) looked so composed and handsome today!

With my third year lecturer Miss Emily!

There were a lot of things happened today but I managed to get my cert! I was so afraid that I fall on the stage hahaha.

Anyway to all my classmates, thank you so much for being there and cheer for me on stage. Thanks for all the times we shared and good luck for your future!

Thanks to all my close friends in poly, all my lecturers and my family for their unwavering support!

Lastly, thanks to my secondary school teacher Ms Lim Cui Fang and Vice principal (I didn’t catch his name) for taking their time to come down… (even though I still don’t like you Miss Lim, but anyway thanks!)


2 thoughts on “Graduation Ceremony

    1. 淑絹 says:

      Haha. I think everyone don’t like her! Yeah she was there with the Vice Principal because I topped my cohort so the school invited them.

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