Tips for acne sufferers

So you’ve tried all sorts of topical and oral treatments but the tiny little bumps keep coming back. Have you had any idea why your skin can’t stop breaking out?

During the test shoot with Ejun the other day, he mentioned that my forehead is very smooth and that there weren’t many girls with smooth foreheads. So now I’m going to tell you my secrets!

1. Keep hair away from face
This is the reason why you keep seeing pictures of my fringe clipped up. I hate bangs because bangs gives you tiny pimples. Dirt and dust can be trapped in our hair and they will indirectly cause zits.

Which brings me to my second point.

2. No hair products
I really dislike hair products because they stay on my hair despite washing it for 3 times. When wind blows, wax or whatever junk placed on my hair will touch my face. I totally stopped putting hair products on my hair after I started my acne regime.

Please also say no to hand creams. I’m not saying avoid it totally, but don’t use it at night. You don’t know where your hand is going to be when you sleep.

3. Minimal touching of face
Some people likes to touch their faces when they are stress, such as rubbing our nose or PICK at our zits. I love to do that when I have bangs in secondary school. But by touching our face, we are increasing the amount of irritation on our faces and can aggravate acne.

After I start my acne regime, I never ever touch my face at all except occasional rubbing of nose. Whenever I wash my face, I splash water on my face instead of rubbing. Trust the shower head more than your fingers.

4. Wash your hands before applying products on your face
Especially important because you don’t want to apply dust on your face. Sure, we can’t totally prevent bacterial from reaching our face but the least you could do is to minimize it.

5. Avoid talking on phones often
Whenever I have products on my face, I switch on the loud speaker at home. I talk with just the ear touching my phone.

6. Use new products one at a time
If you are getting sudden outbreak and you have no idea what caused it, maybe you might want to stop the new products you’re using. That’s why always try new products one at a time. If it breaks you out, you will know what’s wrong and stop using immediately.

7. Avoid cleansers, toners and moisturizer with irritants or comedogenic ingredients
Refer to this and you’ll know what I’m talking about.

I read the list so often that I can go shopping with the list of chemicals in my head. If you’re unsure, just make sure there’s no alcohol and SLS in the list.

Look out for Glycerin and Tocopherol Acetate (Vitamin E). These are ingredients that can moisture our face without irritation.

8. Avoid picking of zits
Let the pimple burst on its own. Incorrect way to pick a zit can aggravate acne and cause bacterial to spread to other parts of our face.

9. Avoid scrubs
Acne sufferers should not use exfoliation because scrubbing aggravate acne. Let your facialist do the job instead.

10. Drink water
Drink at least 2 litres of water everyday to flush out toxins.


I keep mentioning about my acne regime but haven’t told you guys exactly what did I do.

It’s only been 1.5 months since I started my regime and my acne has subsided. All that’s left is pigmentation left by the cystic acne! Hence… I will only post the regime after I treat my pigmentation. There will be photos of my condition because I’ve been diligently taking pictures of my face after the use of the serum.

P/S: As my working hours are erratic, I’ll write more posts on my weekends and schedule them so that you get reads almost everyday!


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