The eyes are windows to our soul.

Two days ago there was a piece of news saying that of all the eye infections cases from wearing contact lenses, more than half of them are ladies.

I have never ever gotten an eye infection from wearing contacts because even though I’m vain, I don’t take risks just to make myself pretty.

Let me tell you what I do…

1. Say no to GEO Lens or whatever lens sold online
I never ever buy any lens  from online shops even if they are so called FDA approved because we will never know if they are counterfeit products or not. Another reason why I don’t buy GEO lenses because they are not sold in optical shops. There should be a reason why optical shops aren’t selling these types of lenses.

My circle lenses are from this brand called Maxi Eyes, and they are sold in Spectacle Hut.

2. Do not use monthly lenses stored for more than a month
Some of my friends tends to “prolong” the life span of their lenses because contact lenses are expensive. However it’s not recommended to do so. My optician told me that prolong wearing makes lenses thinner and are easier to crack! Scratching your cornea is not a good thing to joke about.

3. Do not sleep with your lenses still in your eyes
Even though how tired we are, we still have to take out our contact lenses when we sleep. It causes your eyes to be really dry (probably lack of oxygen) and you might not be able to take them out!

4. Switch to a healthier alternative if you have to wear them everyday
Proteins and oils get deposited in our lenses and the only way to minimise infections is to change your lenses everyday to a fresh new pair. Ditch monthly lenses for dailies!

Lastly, just make sure that you do not wear contact lenses if you are having an eye infection! I know girls are all vain but if you want your eyes to heal quicker then listen to your doctor. 🙂


2 thoughts on “The eyes are windows to our soul.

  1. europtixcom says:

    I disagree regarding the online shops. There are a lot of online shops that are approved and follow the same regulations as the optical shops. In addition the optical shops usually buy contact lenses through Internet. So what the different of buying my contact lenses from the optical shop in double price when i have the opportunity to buy my products from the same supplier in half price throw Internet ?
    My recommendation is if you buy your contact lenses from Internet you must buy only branded contact lenses and ensure the quality, the origin and the expired day of the contact lenses

    1. 淑絹 says:


      I understand where you are coming from. What I meant by online shops doesnt refer to the original supplier but blogshops who imports the contact lenses. There are counterfiet lenses sold online and therefore I feel that we should be more careful about when buying lenses online. I’m totally fine with brands such as acuvue or b&l lenses but lenses for cosmetic purposes are the ones I’m worrying about.

      Thank you for pointing that out though as it would benefit other readers!


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