Fantastic life indeed!

I’m so busy recently but I’m glad to say that I’m having a very fulfilling life!

Firstly, Kai won the cupcake contest organized by Shiberty and the cupcakes are for me!

Hahaha. And I call him Momo privately. Don’t ask me why I called him that because I don’t know. One day I just keep calling him Momo and that name has stuck with him ever since. 😛

A week ago I was invited by Cozycot to the Spa Buffet alongside with my sister and Pei Ling! It was about the new lauch of ATP 38, a light therapy session that cures skin problem using different frequency of light! I’d be blogging about it soon!

2 days ago I attended Sunsilk event with my sister! The event was held in Ben and Jerry’s and we get a lot of their products home! Thank you Sunsilk and The Sample Store! Will also be blogging about this soon!

(And oh btw, Sunsilk are searching for the person with the most beautiful hair every month, so don’t forget to check out their facebook page for the updates of this contest!)

On top of that, I’ll be having a week long holiday to Jakarta again on the 13 June and will only be back on the 18th!

Life is great really!


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