Journey to Unravel True Beauty

I am so honored to be one of the Adonis Best Beauty Blog Top 10 Finalist in this year’s Singapore Blog Awards organized by!

It’s only been less than a year since this blog started and therefore I’m very excited to be able to be one of the finalist! Further more this is the first time that they included a Beauty Blog category! Words can’t summarize the feeling I’m going through now!

In this whole of June, I’ll be filling my blog with information the treatments so follow me through this journey as I share with you my experiences with Adonis and don’t forget to vote for me!

To kickstart this whole mega blog contest thingy, we had a  briefing at Adonis at Vivocity last Monday to let us know what we will be going through for SBA 2011 and the Adonis Skin Consultants even gave us each a very thorough session of skin and body analysis!

I’m sure every girls at my age knows Adonis. The commercials was a hit back then with the song still stuck in my head now! Being a household brand, Adonis was no stranger to anyone!

But do you know what does Adonis stands for?

Just by googling Adonis you will know the answer!

Adonis Wellness Salon is named after the Greek God of youth, beauty and vanity. And… this Greek God is a man!

Adonis believes in using all plants extracts. They don’t use AHA (alpha hydroxy acid) and therefore it is very gentle to our skin!


Image grabbed from Sis’s camera

The skin and body analysis uses state of the art technology that helps us determine the skin type and health status in just one scan! So cool and spot on!

Skin Analysis

My skin belongs to the dehydrated and dry skin type. It was very flaky and I have uneven skin tone! My main problem is the hyperpigmentation (PIH). Boohoo~ 😦

The consultant said that I have to use more moisturizing products. But… my current skin condition cannot anyhow use products. So how?

Iris Analysis

They also uses this machine that captures our iris and believe it or not, our eyes really tells everything about our body conditions.

I am a little anemic (as all woman does) and bad digestive problems. The iris analysis also tells us that I’m currently eating supplements! So true!

Live Blood Analysis

They took a blood sample from our pinkie and view our blood sample through the microscope. From the analysis, it seems that I have a lot of fats in my blood! The globe of fat were as huge as 3 red blood cells. The second problem is the lack of calcium.

When I told everyone that I have a lot of fats in my blood, everyone looked at me in disbelief. I know right… I am so skinny but I have a lot of fats in my blood? But it’s so true because I always eat oily and fried food. Teehee :S

So… being skinny is not always equal to being healthy.

Adonis were also being very nice to give us each a bottle of detox pills!

Each capsule contains 500mg of Aloe Vera extracts, 50mg of Grape Seed extracts and 50mg of Pine Pollen! They also smells very nice!

Don’t forget to check out their facebook page for updates and tips to stay healthy!

Also don’t forget to check back my blog for more updates on the Adonis treatments. 😀


One thought on “Journey to Unravel True Beauty

  1. Detox is one of those things that is left out of the beauty world many times. I don’t get it! It’s sooo necessary, and it’s very important to your health!

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