Silky smooth hair with Sunsilk


Sis and I attended the Sunsilk product launch last Saturday at Ben & Jerry’s (Vivocity branch)!

You might have seen this smooth and manageable series before but now it’s different because of their new formula…


Microtechnology is outdated already. Time for Nanotechnology!

Our hair is roughly about 100,000 nanometres thick while the particles of the new Sunsilk product is only 100 nanometres thick! Therefore the nano particles are so fine and small that they are able to reach into our hair better than micro particles!

Anyway Sunsilk has patented the Nano Complex formula as this is the first time Nanotechnology was applied into shampoos!

Yuko Yamashita is also the co-creator of Sunsilk Smooth and Manageable range!

Yuko Yamashita is an expert in straight hair and not some random person they put in commercials ok! Just look at how beautiful her hair is and you’ll know!

A tip from Yuko Yamashita: Dry your hair gently instead of “roughing it up” and try not to wet hair in-between washes – this will help your hair to keep its shape and prevent damage!

As compared to Yuko’s hair, ours are cmi. I want Yuko’s beautiful hair!

The brand manager is demonstrating how to apply the serum correctly!

First you got to put a 50 cent coin of amount of serum on your palm and rub it with your hands. Then, rub them onto the hair ends until they are all covered with the serum. Next hand comb your hair so that they are smooth!

I tried their products for a few days already and they really made my hair smoother! No kidding!

This event is also not just about Sunsilk especially it’s held in Ben and Jerry’s. We get to decorate our own icecream!

Bloggers decorating at the kitchen of Ben and Jerry’s.

Tadah! My creation! (Ignore my messy and wavy hair. Sigh.)

The white scoop is lemonade sorbet, yellow is mango sorbet and purple is Blueberry yoghurt, decorated with sugary bits and heart shaped sweets!

Thank you Sunsilk and the Samplestore for inviting me to this event!

The entire Smooth and Manageable range consists of the Shampoo, conditioner, hair mask and serum!

Personally my fav is their hair mask and serum! They are not too thick or feels heavy on my hair!

Do Check out Sunsilk’s facebook page here!

As said before, Sunsilk will be looking for the person with the most beautiful hair each month! So check out their page for updates of the contest!


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