Does your new shoes bite?

I kept buying heels but never wear them out often because I’m very prone to blisters. I can have blisters on all of my toes at one go therefore I always wear slippers or sandals when I’m out.

I’m sure many people reading this post are facing this same problem. How can girls wear their killer heels and strut in the shopping malls without feeling any pain?

This anti blister stick is my favorite product! I’m saying goodbye to blisters ever since I used this!

It’s like a lip balm and the only difference is that it protects our feet instead of our lips. When applied on my feet it gives a waxy feeling but it is very very resistant to sliding.

Blisters are formed when two surfaces (our skin and the shoes) kept rubbing against each other. Therefore by creating resistance is the only way to prevent blisters from forming!

Before using this I used plasters to wrap all my toes! It does the same trick but it’s so troublesome. 😦

I bought it in Guardian few months ago and now it’s my HG product!


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