What’s in my bag?

It’s been more than 2 weeks since I started work! Therefore I decided to do a short post to let you see what I bring to work everyday!

I have a backbone problem and my shoulders gets tensed up easily, therefore I always try to pack light whenever I go out.

1. Wallet
I bought this wallet from Fossil when I was secondary 4 (eons ago, I’m now 20! Now do your calculations) and I never looked back! It was a tad expensive when I bought it but it is very durable!

2. Planner, Thumb drive and Pen
I try to write down things I have to do so that I don’t get things clashed together! The thumb drive is for transferring projects from my laptop to my office computer and the pen is a door gift from CU Skin event.

3. Umbrella
I don’t have the habit of using umbrella but now I have to because there are no covered linkway to my office. This polka dot umbrella was a gift from Kai’s mum!

4. My supplements
I take 3 pills in the morning and 2 in the evening, therefore I put them in the pill box so that I can take them with my dinner if I have OT.

5. Bag Hanger
A gift from Kai’s sister. She bought it during her HK trip.

6. Anti Blister Stick
It’s my HG product! I wear slippers to work but I have to change into heels when I’m going for a meeting, therefore I always carry this stick around with me at all times. 😀

7. Tian Lu
I carry my tian lu with me at all times because it is said to protect me and help me in my studies/career.


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