UTI Prevention

Urinary Tract Infection is an infection that is very easy to treat but dangerous if left untreated. This infection can occur to everyone regardless of any age group, especially females.

Once contracted, it can recurr anytime, regardless how clean your hygiene is. Hence it is important that you look out for the symptons and know how to prevent it.

Personally I contracted UTI when I was young and therefore I am very careful to minimise the recurring chances. Read on to know what I do!

1. Wear cotton panties
Cotton is a much breathable material than other types of fabrics, therefore bacteria doesn’t breed easily.

2. Wipe toilet seat before use at all times
I have no idea why does some people’s urine are all over the seat. Do they stand while they pee? That being said, always wipe the toilet seat before use so that you don’t catch any germs that the previous lady left behind.

3. Cranberries are good for your health!
I read in an article before that cranberriescan help treat UTIs. It’s really true! Eat as much dried cranberries, cranberries pills or drink as much cranberries juice as you like.

4. Look out for the symptons!
Foul smelling and/or dark cloudy urine are signs of UTI. If you experience burning sensation or itching when you pee, you should also consult a doctor immediately.

5. Correct cleaning technique
Always wipe from front to back. ALWAYS.

6. Do not self treat UTI
UTI are generally harmless but could get worse if left untreated. Bacteria could spread to further places of our body and eventually destroys our uterus and other organs. Normally antibiotics were prescribed upon consultation, so don’t save the money.

7. Drink loads of water
To flush toxins and all other bacteria out of your body!


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