Review: Sparkling Peel Treatment

Regular facial treatments are very important because they help to get rid of blemishes, oil seeds and clogged pores. However extractions can be very painful especially if you have really bad skin condition!

I have friends who tells me that they want to go for facials but are afraid of pain. Honestly speaking, I have a very low tolerance to pain but I enjoyed this sparkling peel because it involves no extraction so it is absolutely painless!

Last Saturday I went to Adonis at Vivocity outlet for my Sparkling Peel treatment!

Sparkling peel originally was called Floral Peel. It is one of the Adonis signature treatment. Sparkling peel is similar to a chemical peel, it is used to make skin smoother and improve the texture of our skin!

The sparkling peel is very suitable for people who have the following skin problems:

  • Pigmentation (PIH)
  • Acne and Blemishes
  • Other skin imperfections

The type of peel you’re getting depends on the skin problem that you have!

Before the start of the treatment, I was brought into the waiting area to soak my feet with warm water and their essential oils to make me relax and make my facial treatment more effective!

All facials starts with cleansing of the face to remove makeup, oil or dirt on the face. After that my beautician Shu Yi did a scrub on my face to exfoliate and remove dead skin cells.

Next, she used a cold steamer that lets out a cool mist of air. Hot air steamers are known to open up the pores to prepare the skin for extractions while cold air steamers are used to close up the pores!

Hahaha, you can see the condensation sets on my skin and in my nostrils!

After that comes the best part of the treatment!

The Symphony Beats Treatment

And there’s a reason why they call it the Symphony Beats treatment!

These things that are stuck to my face sends pulses to my skin like music beats!

There are 3 types of symphony beats treatment:

  • Lifting: To firm sagging skin
  • Active: For mature skin and dull complexions
  • Relax: Combination, oily and acne skin

As you know my problem lies in my pigmentation and acne skin, therefore the treatment I had was the Relax Symphony Beats treatment.

After the treatment was a face and shoulder massage, followed by the actual peel.

The actual peel uses floral acids to apply on my face. The face had to be covered by the floral acids in layers and finally used their ADP Re-balance Cream to bring my PH level back to normal. It is a little bit stinging and I was only allowed to wash my face 8 hours later in order for the peel to be effective!

Check out my “sparkling” face and the beautician Shu Yi!

After taking the photo she mentioned that her skin looked so dull as compared to mine!

A few days after the peel, my existing pimples has dried out and disappeared! My skin was fairer and the pigmentation turned a little lighter!

Check out the difference in my skin in just one peel!

Btw, during this whole week I ate a lot of oily and fried food because I was in Jakarta for vacation! Few pimples have popped up but I still looked fairly alright!

Thank you Adonis!
Visit their webpage and their facebook page!


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