Adonis Organic Peel Treatment Review

Last Sunday I visited Adonis again for my facial treatment!


As usual before all facial treatments began, I had to soak my feet with their essential oils for relaxation.


Side track a little… Check out my new bag!



Today’s treatment is called the “Organic Peel”. Originally called the Floratox, it is one of the signature treatment in Adonis!

After the usual cleansing and cold steamer, the fun part usually starts here!

My beautician exfoliated my face using a scrubber machine that looked like this!


Check out the dirty things on my face!


Next is called the Gavanic Treatment.

My beautican used this machine to improve my blood circulation, and to detox my skin!


I had to hold on to the metal pole as electricity would be running through me!

Sounds scary right? But it’s not at all! Painless too!

She also used this special enzyme together with the machine! It is made of 32 different plants which is so natural and smells really nice too!


Last is their peeling mask!

I feel like some strange mutant!

Anyway that’s all for now! Check out my face right after my treatment!


Do check out Adonis webpage and their facebook for more updates!


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