Fake makeup-less look!


Hello girls!

Do you wear heavy makeup?

By the term heavy makeup, I mean wearing false lashes, really pink blush, cat eye makeup or maybe just really flawless looking skin with loads of foundation or bb creams.

But guess what? Guys dislikes it! They likes natural beauty. But honestly, nobody is a natural beauty without beauty products. You can pile a lot of stuffs on your face but you need to look like a natural beauty.

That’s what I think Koreans are good at!

Dewy face and gentle looking eyes.

Here’s my attempt at looking natural:


Think I didn’t really do anything? Look closely:


I’ve already told you my secrets in acheiving gentle looking eyes with my favorite Pink Brown Mascara and now I want to introduce their new product!


Yes! It’s the pink brown liquid eyeliner!


Normal brown mascara has a yellowish tone to it and is darker. The pink brown liquid eyeliner has pink pearl ingredient infused in it , resulting in a pinkish brown color that gives us soft and sweet looking eyes!


This liquid eyeliner has a felt brush tip for really easy application ! Liquid eyeliners are good for winging eyes at the end because of the really fine tip!

Also, you don’t have to be afraid of getting panda eyes when you sweat. This eyeliner is waterproof and able to withstand rubbing !

Not to forget about my favorite mascara:



This mascara contains micro fibres in it which lengthens our eyelashes !


Even though its not waterproof, it doesn’t smudge for a full day application! Plus it is so easy to remove – just use warm water and it comes off easily! I like that!

The pink brown liquid eyeliner will be available in ALT Bugis and SaSa in July for $23.90 ! Since the pink brown mascara is an old product, they already have them in the outlets mentioned above! Purchase them now!


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