Viccal Thank You Dinner

I was invited to Viccal’s thank you party last Tuesday!

The event was held at A Curious Tee Pee at Scape, which is a half cafe and store which sells many interesting things!




Vicky, the managing director of Viccal, gave a speech about its product!


The session feels like a relaxing mingling session! I went alone to the event that day but I was having a nice chatting session with the girls!

Our healthy dinner, which consists of cajun chicken pie (this is good!), vegetable pie, sandwiches, custard tart and chocolate tart!



During the dinner, a makeup artist from Glo Minerals did a natural makeup demostration!


And then transform to night makeup by just adding on more colours to our faces!


Glo Minerals is a mineral makeup brand line that uses no talc. Talc is a comedogenic product and therefore acne sufferers are recommended to use this!

I’m not sure whether they uses bismuth tho.

Vicky was very nice and I’m glad that she still remembers me!

Took a picture with her and my new friend Samantha.


All in all it was a very enjoyable event! I was given a sample size of the serum to take home too!

Many thanks to Viccal and Vicky for inviting me to this party.

Do check out Viccal’s products on their website and their facebook for more beauty tips!


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