This is WAR.


It’s time to declare a Visume war with

Being a fresh graduate, I TOTALLY understand how is it like to be stepping into the work battlefield. The job you wanted is not hiring you, and you don’t want to land in a job that you dislike.

Very irritating right?!

Personally I believe that the way you sell yourself is very important. Other than being neat in dressings, personality is very important as well.

Be bubbly, sincere and honest.

Also don’t bother second guessing the interviewer’s thoughts. He has seen so many people and he knows exactly what you are thinking. Just go straight into the facts.

The first step to self packaging for a job interview is an impressive visume!

Visume is for short, a video resume. is an online portal for jobseekers and employers. Register and get a profile page where you can post your visume and let your video speak for yourself! You can also add important documents such as portfolio, certificates and resume in your video!

I did a visume to show you how it is like ala the Easy A style. Haha!

(Actually I already have a job and I think I sound a bit kua zhang in the video. Hahaha!)

With this visume, you can search for the never ending list of jobs ( which is being updated daily) or get hunted by registered employers! Jobseeking is no longer a one way approach! How cool is that?

The site also has privacy options for you to choose from. Only registered employers are allowed to view your visume and they are not allowed to save the videos!

Now for my dear readers, if you are currently looking for a job please continue reading because there are great prizes for to be won! has launched a Visume Wars contest! All you need to do is to put together a visume in the most creative way and tell us why you would make a great employee!

There are up to $10,000 to be won and if you are creative enough you might even win amazing job positions at the participating companies of your choice!

Click here to participate in this awesome contest!

This advertorial is brought to you by and The Sample Store.


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