Review: Adonis Body Chakra


Today I will be reviewing my last treatment from Adonis! Time flies so fast!

My last treatment is a massage called 7 Chakra. Chakra means wheel in Sanskrit and it represents the 7 energy centers in our body.

As what you would have guessed it, the body massage targets the energy centers in our body: Crown, brow, throat, heart, solar plexus, orange (gastric), and root (uterus) chakra.


Must camwhore because its my last treatment!

And these are the essential oils and things used in the chakra massage!


Even though this is not a facial treatment, face cleansing still have yo be done as some energy centers locate on our face.


And there I am, lying comfortably ready for massage! Bring it on yo!


There aren’t many pictures on the massage as you have to be very relax in order for the massage to work.

But there is this:


In chinese we call it 拔罐, which is called the cupping therapy. Cupping theraphy exist in Chinese history for a long time. It is often used to treat illnesses.

After that is a facial mask!



And we are done!

I hope you enjoyed the reviews of all three treatments and don’t forget to vote for me at the sidebar!

Also logon to Adonis website for more information about the Chakra massage!


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