How to: Paint Beautiful Nails without Help

Every girls loves painting their nails, but because they can’t even coat their nails themselves, they choose to go to the manicurist to do it.

I love painting my nails too but manicures are expensive so I rather do it at home. But of course I can’t paint fanciful designs but at least I learned how to coat my nails without making a huge mess outside my nail beds!

It’s quite difficult not to make mistakes and paint on our nail cuticles. Especially because we are not mixed-handedness, it’s hard to paint on our dominance hand. Personally I am left handed, but I still paint ok using my right hand because there’s a trick to it!

Prevent Painting Mistakes

My trick is to use lip balm! I bought a lot of lip balms so I use those that I don’t use anymore to coat my fingers, areas such as cuticles and around my nail beds. This creates a sort of barrier between the finger and the lacquer! Then you can start coloring your nails however you want and don’t have to worrying about making mistakes!

Vaseline works too btw. Lip balms are cheaper. Hahaha.

Mistake correction

Using a Q Tip (picture above), dip into the nail polish remover and gently rub it on the fingers that has lacquer on it. With the lip balm applied before painting, removing becomes easier as the lacquer would be removed in huge flakes!

Quick Drying

When everything is done, run your fingers under cold tap water (you can soak them in if you want) to harden the nail polish so that it dries faster! I love this method because I always paint my nails before I sleep, and I ruin my nails every time I sleep.

Also remember to use good nail polishes. Don’t ever buy nail polishes from Aries or Chameleon. Those nail polishes are very easily spoilt and gets all gluey after awhile. I like using Face Shop’s nail polishes because they are cheap ($2.90 only. Nature Republic has cheaper ones, I bought some but haven’t tried it yet)! Even though it is quite thin, but at least you get an even coat!

And viola! Painting nails can be such a breeze!


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