Adonis Blogger’s Partaye + Product Review!

Yeah right! I went to the Blogger’s Partaye last Sunday!

The theme was “Greek Goddess” so you would have guessed it, white or cream colored dress, flowers and gold stuffs etc.

Here’s my look of the day!

Flowery headband with toga dress, finished with gold bracelet (is that how we call this?) on my arm.

My makeup also ties up with the Greek Goddess theme, with gold eyeshadow as my primary color and brown eyeshadow for contouring the eyes. Finishing with long black lashes (my lashes are real! Teach you how to achieve long lashes next time. :D)!

To kickstart the party, there was an opening speech to thank us all for coming down!

All bloggers listening attentively.

After that was some light finger food! Curry puffs, sandwiches, pastries and salads! I love the fruit salads the most, next is the curry puffs!

After which they presented their Enzyme drink for us as a toast!

Us bloggers posing with our drinks!

After which we had a photo taking sessions, everyone was so busy taking pictures with everyone. Haha!

With Joyce, owner of Forensia

With Sara, owner of IcyAbstract!
I heard of her name since before I started my blog!

With Kelly, owner of The Tardy Queen

With Christy, owner of BeauteRunway

The scene was pretty chaotic and so I didn’t manage to take pictures with everyone! But I guess I appeared in some other blogger’s cameras. Hahaha.

Afterwards was the gift presenting and Best Dressed award time!
Didn’t have pictures of the Best Dressed award but Clara of Dblchin won!

She looked the most greek amongst us! With fresh leaves and dried roses pinned onto her curled hair! She even decorated her bag with fresh leaves lor!

Travel sized kit of their Vital range for us to bring home!

Polarid pictures for us to take home as a momento!

Testing out a new camera app. Hahaha.

Lastly, ending this party post with another group picture!

* * *

Health Supplement Review

This health supplement is made from Aloe Vera (Aloe barbardensis) and is to help us with detoxification, flushing toxins out from our body.

I started taking this on 7 June and it’s been a month since!


Left Side (Click thumbnail for a clearer view!)

Right Side (Click thumbnail for a clearer view!)

Ok the right side of my face does gets a little worse, but this is something I wanna clarify. Between 13 June to 18 June I went to Jakarta, in which my acne flared up because I’ve been eating a lot of oily or fried food. But see the picture after 19 June, it did gets better right?

Hence, my verdict:

I think the detoxification works in my opinion. Everyday I get to go toilet to flush out my toxins at least once. On times when my stomach gets more sensitive, I go to the toilet at least twice or three times a day.

The beautician in Adonis commented that my face gets better each time I visited them!


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