Shills Beauty Crash Course + Product Review

Hello girls!

Last weekend I was invited to Shills’s Beauty Crash Course held in Tampines One! This event is held by Beauty Bistro. I’m so excited to be able to attend this event as I get to see Judy Lin 林叶亭 老师 in person!

Judy Lin 老师 is a beauty and hair consultant in Taiwan’s most popular beauty show ≪女人我最大≫. Even though she is a mother of three, she still looks so slender and beautiful! Well, the Taiwan media even gave her a title called 无龄肌美人 (ageless beauty) as no one could ever guess her real age!

Also this event is about slimming, anti aging and pore clarifying! Read more to find out how to get slimmer body with Shills products!

Before the event started, we were given sometime to settle down!

With Peiling!

Door gifts for the bloggers!

20110704-022246.jpgI will be reviewing their pore clarifying toner and their cold gel mask!

20110704-022348.jpg20110704-022530.jpgAdditionally I won a few more products in their questionaire:

20110704-022635.jpgWhitening Sunblock

This is a sample size shampoo which lets grey hair turns black again! I gave this to my mum!


Introducing Shills’s Miracle-Lift Body Contour Control Hot!

20110704-022901.jpgThis product is an all round heating cream that claims to tone skin and sculpt body contours!

20110704-024629.jpgOther than its special ingredients such as red algae extract, soy isoflavones and vitamin C that helps to firm skin and prevent fine lines, they also added Caffine for effective skin tightening!

They did a live demostration on stage to show you how effective the product claims to be:

20110704-025129.jpgBefore: 34 cm

20110704-025235.jpgAfter applying the cream on her arms, they used a roller to massage on her arms.

To get rid of the flabs underneath the arms, lift your arms up and use the roller in a downward motion:

20110704-025436.jpgAfter that, use a cling wrap and wrap arms!

After few minutes, her arms were measured to be 31 cm! That’s 3 cm loss in one application!

Another slimming product that they introduced was the Anosa Fit Patch that looks like this when pasted onto the abdomen:

Pore Clarifying

Coming to the second part of the event, Judy 老师 is going to solve the problems of huge pores on stage!

First step is to soften the pores with Shill’s Black Gel Deep Sebum Softener!

After that we use their Purifying Black Mask to remove dead skin cells, blackheads and tiny hairs!

The reason for its black colour look is because of the 活性碳 (black charcoal). It works in a way which you apply on and then peel it off when it hardens. The peel off formulation helps prevents pores from clogging while deep cleansing the face thoroughly!

20110704-030621.jpgAfter removing blackheads, it’s time for a facial mask with Shills’s Black Bamboo Charcoal Whitening Mask Sheets!

20110704-033820.jpg20110704-035836.jpgIn which I got it after answering a questionnaire again. Yay!

This mask claims to remove dirt, grease, dead skin cells and tighten pores! They also added Hyaluronic acid  and multiple whitening ingredients to improve complexion, removes signs of fatigue and enhance skin elasticity.

After that, use their Pore minimizer clarifying toner to close up the pores!

20110704-032104.jpgIt contains astringent properties (the highest form of toner) which helps to shrink pores and clam red and infalmed skin!

Anti Aging
The third part of the crash course is about Anti Aging using Shills’s Pure Gold Miracle Anti Aging series which contains 奈米金 (Gold Nano Particles)!

This series consists of a moisture cleansing oil, white shills skin recovery essence, skin renewal cream and gold face and eye mask!

Skin Recovery Essence

This product contains nano gold particles that penetrates deeply into our skin layers to slow down the process of aging and reactivate skin cells to regain youthful and glowing skin!

Skin Renewal Cream

This product is specially formulated for firming and lifting of the skin. It calms skin and provides long lasting moisture to skin!

The event ended with giving a bouquet of flowers to thank Judy Lin 老师!

* * *

Product Review

Shills’s Moisturizing and Whitening Cold Gel Mask

Price: S$28.50

Product Claims:

  • Q Shield Texture gives skin an instant rush of coolness
  • Soothes and comforts skin baked under the sun
  • Reinforced with moisture retention elements and nutrients suitable for wide range of skin types
  • Coalesces with skin surface to increase water retention

Verdict: As compared to my moisturizing + whitening mask, this mask does little to my skin. However it soothes redness and is non stinging to face!

Shills’s Pore Minimizing Clarifying Toner

Price: S$21.90

Product Claims:

  • Tighten pores, absorbs excess sebum, thoroughly cleanses to prevent formation of acne and blackheads
  • Shrink pores after acne extractions as it contains astringent properties
  • Calms red and inflamed skin

Verdict: It contains some powder in which I believe helps to calms my inflamed skin. After using it I do not have any major breakouts. After acne extractions I like to paste a cotton pad full of toner to help calm the skin down. It is non stinging and very gentle to skin!

* * *

Price List of Featured Products:

  1. Shills Moisturizing and Whitening Cold Gel Mask – S$28.50
  2. Shills Black Gel Deep Sebum Softener: S$23.90
  3. Shills Purifying Peel Off Mask: S$21.50
  4. Shills Pore Minimizer Clarifying Toner: S$21.90
  5. Shills Black Bamboo Charcoal Whitening Masks Sheets (7 pcs): S$25.90

You can get products featured in this post in BHG (Bugis and Clementi Mall branches), John Little (Marina Square, Stardust Plaza Singapura and Jurong Point branches) and all OG departmental stores. Selected Beauty Bistro products are also available in major SaSa outlets!


4 thoughts on “Shills Beauty Crash Course + Product Review

    • Hi dear, I would suggest the Pore Clarifying Toner from Shills for oily skin. I have sensitive skin too and it doesn’t break my skin out. 🙂

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