Favorite Products at the moment

I’ve been using quite alot of makeup and skincare lately (finally! My face is not so sensitive now!) and I wanna share with you the products I’m using lately!

For blackheads
White Mud Nose Pack from The Face Shop


This totally save my life when I don’t have time for acne extractions! I like peel off nose pack rather than nose strips because it can remove areas which are always clogged but not able to be removed by nose strips.

It removes about 80% of the blackheads, therefore I find it really useful! In areas near my cheeks, nose strips are unable to reach but this can! I can also apply it on my forehead and chin!

For prevention of melamin
Biore’s UV Aqua Rich Watery Jelly


I love this! It is so watery and light in texture that it never ever leaves me a white cast on my face like normal sunscreen does!

It definitely doesn’t clog my pores as I went to sleep with it for 3 days because I was instructed to do so after doing the sparkling peel!

The SPF is only 30, good for people who just needed that little amount because they don’t ever need to go outdoors for long hours.

For oil control
Za Oil Blotting Powder


I’m replacing my Skin 79 BB Sun Pact with this as my skin 79 powder is a year old. So far I’m very pleased with the product. My skin is not thick and it really controls oil secretion really well!

This product was recommended by my sister to me, and I’m glad she did! I’m using it to set my BB cream and it stays on well! I also didn’t experienced any clogged pores with this product so I’m really happy with it!

That’s about it! Will update again when I tried new products which I bought it myself ok! 🙂


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