Review: For the busy people!

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How’s your weekly facial routine sounds like?

My weekly facial routine consists of:

Cleansing – 2 minutes
Exfoliation – 2 minutes
Mask – 15 to 20 mins
Washing off the mask – 5 minutes
Tone Skin – 1 minutes
Apply Moisturizer, pimple cream & etc – 10 minutes

Total: Approximately 40 minutes

I know right! It’s a waste of time because just by doing a simple facial takes up 40 minutes of our busy day. Yet we still do it to keep that glow on our face.

Imagine not doing that weekly facial routine, our skin will look yellow, sallow, tired and dull! In modern context, we call it the “Cui” looking face. And the main reason for that dull skin is the lack of oxygen!

Without oxygen, our skin will age faster and look dull! Ew, who likes that?!

So the beauty industry developed the sleeping mask that shortens our facial routine because we can let our skin cells repair and regenerate faster while asleep…
And if you think that’s the laziest form of mask, YOU’RE WRONG.

What is better than combining 4 steps (Cleanse, exfoliate, mask, tone) into one action?

This thing is not an ordinary mask.

This is the latest product from The Nature Lab called the Oxygen Shield Bubble Mask. It replenishes the oxygen in our skin to repair, regenerate and reproduce cells! With adequate amounts of oxygen, it speeds up shedding of old skin cells and aid in skin cell rejuvenation!

Other than it provides oxygen for our skin, it is also very special as this is probably the first type of mask that combines 8 benefits in one action, making it the laziest mask ever created for the busy people!

1. Cleanse
2. Detoxify
3. Exfoliate
4. Replenish Oxygen
5. Apply Mask
6. Hydrate
7. Tone the Skin
8. Provide Vitamins

Total Time Taken: Less than a minute

I’ve also included the ingredients list and highlighted some ingredients that maybe a source of irritant for acne prone skin. Use with caution!

This mask comes off as a thick liquid and forms with applied on the face!

When providing oxygen in our skin, the essences and nutrients we apply also absorbs faster! Oxygen is also said to increase metabolic rate thus firming and slimming facial contours.

After the bubbles dissolves, it leaves a thick clear film on my face, just like an ordinary mask! Just wait for about 15 seconds and do a second massage with wet hands and you’ll see the foam again! After that wait for few seconds and wash it off with warm water. 😀

Taking a closer look at the foam on my face:

After washing off the mask, I feel that my skin feels really clean! It is also smoother than before! There is a light stinging effect on my skin when the bubble forms, but when it dissolves into my skin, it feels a little tight! After washing the mask off my face, it looked brighter and tighter!

It will be my favorite mask from now on!

It is available in The Sample Store for $48.90 and also available in selected Watsons outlets for $36.50 (promotional price and while stocks last)!

Also, do like and participate in the Spot & Win game on TNL’s facebook page to win a bottle of Oxygen Shield Mask!


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