Childhood Memories

I’m not born with fantastic memory but there are a lot of past memories etched in my head for the longest period of time. I can remember names of my childhood friends and classmates too!

1) I remembered that my old house number was 339 because it’s the oposite number of the radio station.
I remembered being isolated by my nursery classmates during play time because I accidentally made her tower of blocks fall. What a nasty girl!

2) I remembered exchanging stickers with my kindergarden friend Fang Yi and pasted them on my wardrobe (and got scolded by mum)

3) I remembered my Primary 1 teacher always use textbooks, markers, duster or whatever she holds and throw towards me when I talk in class. And they always hit my head! I took my mum to complain to the school about the teacher hitting my head. From then on, I was free to talk. Hahaha.

4) I remembered sweeping the class during recess time with my group. My class monitor always shouted “bell ring!” seconds before the bell rang and we will all rush for recess.

5) I remembered tearing pages off my spelling book in Primary 2 to pass notes to my friend. My teacher caught me and questioned me about my very thin exercise book. I said that they fell out by themselves.

6) I remembered watching my class monitor in P2 almost got choked to death after a boy in my class forced him to swallow a piece of tissue paper. Siao!

7) I remembered being the favorite student of a P3 English teacher. He went to Bangkok with his girlfriend and bought me a hello kitty handkerchief.That same teacher gave his lunch to me when he knew it was my birthday.
8 ) I remembered my sister’s classmate Felicia asked me to pass a note to my P4 English teacher because they find him wearing shorts disgusting (he’s also a PE teacher).
This teacher was also the one who told me that wearing contact lens can reduce the degree of shortsightedness.

9) I remembered planning my own birthday party and invited Xinpei, Jenny and Shufen to it.

10) I remembered hitting my P5 classmate Zhaoyang with a bottle when he tried to damage my house keyboard during a project meeting.

11) I remembered my first meetup with my cousins was to watch movie at Cineleisure.
I remembered eating at my classmate Xinpei’s house for lunch everyday because my mum is at work.

12) I remembered I was the science rep and I always collate the names of people who didn’t pass up the work before handling them to my Sci teacher.

13) I remembered playing badminton at the void deck below my house with my sis, Guiyu and Xinyu.

14) I remembered being a chairperson in P6, and that everyone hates it because I was too objective.

15) I remembered going to Lot 1 with sis, Guiyu and Xinyu one day and we got accused of stealing a $1 ring. After the CCTV showed nothing, we were let off. My sister got super pissed and she led the whole group back to the store and scolded the shopkeeper!

16) I remembered writting a 10000 word composition with Danna, Shushian and Ziqin in Secondary 1. We were told to write 500 words but clearly we overshot. I think we can become TV Script Writers!

17) I remembered running in the rain to Lot 1 with Xinyi, Yuxuan and Shushian after Higher Mother Tongue supplementary during school holidays.

18) I remembered going to Ten Mile Junction with Diana, Joanne and Shushian and Joanne and I recorded our singing while waiting for LRT in Sec2.

19) I remembered sitting in the canteen every morning with Junyi talking nonsense in Sec 3. After Junyi became busy with O Levels, I moved to the parade square to sleep until Mei Foong came.

20) I remembered getting to know Ling at a flourisher meeting and imo is the best part ever happened to my life. I rarely have close and good friend and I’m glad she’s one of them!

21) I remembered going to BBQ outing at Pasir Ris Park. Huiwen, Shuhui and I wore self painted shirts. I made a mess and I cut a huge hole at the back of my shirt which everyone referred it as the “Hole-ly shirt” at the BBQ.

22) I remembered going to Ben & Jerry’s with blogskins people: Ben, Hito & Huiwen. We told Ben to treat us to the Vermonster icecream. He really did!

23) I remembered chatting with Scott almost every night but stopped after he graduated from college and had to work. Now I wondered where did he went to.

24) I remembered going to Ikea with Ling and Renhui and settled down at Queenstown mac and watched rh making Christmas cards.

25) I remembered spending more than 6 months rehearsing for a play with Weepeng, Wenling and Hazel.

26) I remembered cleaning up the Drama room with Weepeng and Sze Siong and throwing away an old computer without informing the school.

27) I remembered bursting into tears during a sharing session after the hols in Sec4 because everyone in higher mother tongue class went to China and came back with exciting stories except me. Hahahaha I’m sucha cry baby!

28) I remembered Kai coached me for math every Sunday at woodlands library and I’m a terrible student.

29) I remembered eating Nonya dumplings every morning for breakfast with Meifoong and Mitch at the school canteen.

30) I remembered cutting Benjamin James’s arm with a pen knife and recording it down! I’m so sorry Benji!

31) I remembered going to Subway at Shaw Towers to study with Ling for O Levels. She was preparing for her A’s.

32) I remembered eating MacDonald’s icecream at FC1 with Mae, Daniel, Zhi Ning, Cherie, Yi En, Teck Leong and Youjian after completing our ICE in Poly Year 1. An icecream after a tiring project made me feels so happy.

33) I remembered spending 3 nights at the Tree Wizard’s home studio making models with Yi En, Kevin, Cherie, Teck Leong and Zhi Ning. It was the craziest thing I’ve ever done!

34) I remembered eating mamee maggie almost everyday during Year 2 until everyone calls me the Mamee girl. I always go to NTUC during lunch to buy snacks and Sam called me the NTUC auntie.

35) I remembered calling my Lecturer Mr Richard gay on twitter when he went over to Zi Long instead of me during CAD lesson. And the worst thing is that he saw the tweet when Far logged on to her twitter and it became been a class joke ever since.

36) I remembered the girls called me a Tortoise because I wore a green shirt and leggings one day and carried a bag pack at looked like a shell on my back.

37) I remembered going to Snow City with Yi En and Cherie on Christmas Eve and we met Sam after that and roam around in Orchard Road at 3am in the morning.

38) I remembered the never ending projects in Year 3 but I’m glad I sat with Yi En, Cherie and Kai Lin in class because I can disturb them.

39) I remembered Yi En calling me a wild boar (I have no idea why come to think of it) and ever since I’m her pet pig.

40) I remembered going to movies with Kai on our first date and I forgot to bring my phone!

41) I remembered giving nicknames to Kai and kept on changing names for him. His current nickname is Momo.

How much of the past memories can you remember? 😀


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