To all my readers

I’m really sorry for the lack of personal content and filling up this blog with adverts and reviews. I really want to write about something but I’m living a mundane life.

I can’t be writing about my boring working life everyday. Who is interested in the parks I go to today or the office jokes we had during lunch?

My weekends are also packed with blogger events recently so you know, really please bear with me. I try to make the adverts interesting to read so it doesn’t bore you out.

I’m also very glad that my blog is slowly gaining readers. It makes me really happy to see people subscribing to my blog even though the subscription button is located at the bottom footer (it amazes me how people manage to find it!).

My blog just turned 1 year old few days ago. To make it to where I am now in a year is not easy. Even tho I am not famous la but it still takes a lot of effort and time to keep this blog going!

So all I wanted to say is….

Thank you and I will write more adverts and reviews for you. Hahahaha! (nah, just joking. But I still have quite a number of adverts on hand)


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