Singapore Blog Awards 2011 Ceremony

Singapore Blog Awards ended with a blast at Shanghai Dolly yesterday afternoon!

I’m very glad that I was part of this grand event this year as one of the finalist in the Adonis Beauty Blog category! The amount of exposure I’ve got through this blog awards is really enough for me and I’m grateful for that! So it’s ok if I won nothing! 😀

This year’s theme was “Famous Historical Figures” and therefore I tried to look like famous fashion designer Coco Chanel. My sister dressed up as 1930’s Shanghai look!

I think trying to be “inspired coco chanel” lies in the detail of her outfit. It’s simple black and white but check out her sleeves and her scarf!

Therefore I chose a shirt that has ruffles to resemble that look.

It’s rare to see myself dress until so kua zhang, so I might as well camwhore a few shots:

Makeup was quite simple: Black eyeliner and do a wing at the end of the eyes, long lashes, some blusher and red lips!

Each of us could bring a guest along and therefore I brought my boyfriend along! My boyfriend’s look was supposed to be something like a reporter in the olden days.

My sis bought her boyfriend along too! Check out their similar caps hahaha:

I think we kind of look like people who accidentally stepped into a time traveling machine.

I like the atmosphere of the place! It’s so so so cozy~

But on regular days, girls under that age of 18 and guys under 23 years old are not allowed to enter. I’m of age! Maybe next time I will go there and have a look.

The party started with inviting the guest of honor Major General Chan Chun Sing to give an opening speech and cutting of the cake to kick start the party!

They have a range of performances lining up such as singing by Shimona Kee (love her cover of Somewhere over the Rainbow) and a small skit with characters dressing up as Sang Nila Utama, Stamford Raffles, Cleopatra and the Emperor talking about social media. The skit was so lame but indeed funny enough to let the audiences laugh.

And of course not forgetting the award presentation to the winners!

They also have the Best Dressed award presented to those who dresses awesomely for this event!

(Photo Courtesy of Muiee)

From left: Pocahontas, Cleopatra #1, Liang PoPo, Cleopatra #2, Shepherd and his wife, Alexander McQueen, Marilyn Manson, Dick Lee and Micheal Jackson (wtf?)

Even though some were fictional characters or not famous at all, it was one of the good line ups. Check out Clara’s Pocahontas outfit, designed and handmade herself!

The best dressed for female and male respectively were Liang PoPo and Alexander McQueen! Good job! You guys were daring!

I’m gonna end this entry with pictures of me, bf and my sis at Shanghai Dolly:

I would like to thank OMY for this wonderfully planned event! Also thank you OMY for this awesome blog award which I would really love to participate again the next year!


One thought on “Singapore Blog Awards 2011 Ceremony

  1. moonberry says:

    Hello! Just wanna say that both your and your sis’ costumes last weekend look so nice! Wish I had seen you both in person and take pictures together. ^^ 我觉得到你们两姐妹真的很适合这个复古造型呢!Very very pretty and your hair looks really nice curled this way. 非常有女人味~

    The Moonberry Blog

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