If fair and tone skin is your concern…

Sponsored Review

Lush Beauty Group sent me a box of Love More’s new type of mask few days ago and I’m already loving it!

This is the Black Magic White Power Lifting mask from one of the new series of mask from Love More!

This series of mask is so special because they combined their super whitening ingredients and their duo lifting mask!

Each piece of masks contains extra 50% of Q10 coenzyme!

Q10 coenzyme is an antioxidant and it helps to increase the oxygen utilization in our bodies! It also helps to encourage production of collagen and reduce damage generated from free radicals in our skin!

Plus, this mask has extra 5cm of material so that not only your face gets whiten, your neck gets too! Especially good if you don’t want to look duo tone. 😉

Who is suitable for this type of mask:

  • People who loves spicy and fried food
  • Stressful living lifestyle
  • Irregular sleeping hours and sleeps late
  • Have enlarged pores, blackheads and clogged pores

Sounds like me! I say this mask is like made for me!

Also check out the back of the packaging! It is written in bilingual languages and teaches you how to put on the mask with pictorials! How thoughtful!

Additional ingredients are charcoal, deep sea algae, black currant, black pearls and hyaluronic acid to help aid in whitening and deep penetrating into skin! There’s no reason not to love this mask!

There also comes this question…

Does all the essences get absorbed into my skin?

Oh I’m sure of that, not to worry! It is also very fast absorbed unlike some masks out in the market. Use a toner before using the mask as it will also help to aid in absorption!

Each box contains 5 pieces of masks which I’ve already used 2 since I got it! And how well does it whiten my face? Check this out:

You can ignore everything being advertised so far if you want
but you certainly can’t ignore this.
It’s unedited! See my acne scars really gets lighter!

Concealing scars are now much better than before since my skin got lighter in tone!

This mask is sold exclusively in Watsons! Usual price is $15.90 but now they are selling for $13.90!! For more information about other masks please go to www.secretive.sg!

Lastly, please join Lush Beauty and Love More‘s facebook page if you haven’t to stand a chance to win a box of their masks!


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