Study Dilemma

I’ve been thinking about this for quite sometime already. I’ve talked about it with my friends, colleagues and my family so I might as well make it official.

I seriously don’t know what to study in University.

I always thought I am a person who knows what she wants, but apparently not. I have totally know idea where to go now because I am not sure if I should continue to study landscape architecture. I feel that it doesn’t suit me at all.

And I know right… It’s kind of a waste not to do this field. What for I studied so hard to get top in the cohort, only to say that I wanna go a different route now? Because the thing is, I don’t know if I can do this permanantly.

Becoming a lawyer is my childhood dream. I would go to the library and read up reference books on law. I planned my route and decided to give up when I found out that I need to enter JC to get to uni.

I also wanna study journalism related field because I like writing. But I cannot picture myself typing the whole day. Soon I will dislike blogging because of it.

Psychology and sociology sounds great to me, but it’s out of my reach because I failed maths.

I also like teaching… But I just don’t know what can I teach. Drama? Art? I know Drama is a kind of job that is stressful but at least I get to move around and not sit infront of the comp typing whole day till my wrists hurts, back aches and sometimes limping to work. At least its not making me climb hills, mountains under the hot sun.

And at least I kind of feel lucky to realise it doesnt suit me now, than to realise it after I completed my degree.

The problem is, where should I go now?


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