Review: Acnes Medicated Skin Care

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HELLO! I hope you are still reading these sponsored reviews!
If your skin is plagued with zits then you better read on because I’ll be reviewing the Acnes Medicated Creamy wash and Sealing Jell from Metholatum!

This is the best selling Japanese skin care brand that target young adults with acne problems!

The first thing I usually see in a product is the packaging. The brand’s name Acnes already sound so promising to me, plus its packaging looks like something that you might see in the hospital. Definitely 5/5 for me in terms of the way it looked.

The Acnes Medicated Creamy Wash promises to remove excess sebum and keeps skin soft and moist. It also stated that is is non irritating and suitable for daily usage.

When squeezed out from the tube, it looked a little “metallic” in terms of its color. When lather, it foams up and it gives off this scent that kind of smells promising to me!

As stated, it claims to be soothing and calms down skin with irritation and redness. But please use with caution as it stings your face if you have rash, cuts and eczema.

Take note on the ingredients as well, it contains palmitic acid (derived from palm oil I believe) and it may be an irritant for people with acne.

When I first used it on my face, it feels stinging and leaves my skin squeaky clean after using. The next day I realized I have some rash on my face! 😦

This product prevents acne formation and is suitable for oily and blemished skin. It also promises to tighten pores and regulates skin condition.

The product packaging resembles a small toothpaste tube. Simple and promising.

When squeezed out from the tube, it looked jelly like, just like what it says – Sealing Jell.

I’ve had actually bought the sealing jell before about 2 years ago but it stung my face very badly due to the Sulfur ingredient in the product. However I decided to give it a try again thinking it would be different.

Sadly it doesn’t.

It still stings my face and it doesn’t work on my zits as well.

Instead of using commonly known ingredients such as Zinc, Benzoyl peroxide or Salicylic acid that treats pimples, it uses sulfur and I guess it is an alternative to those who are allergic to BP.

Anyway, my verdict is that I would not recommend this product but still if you would like to try, you might wanna go to their facebook page to redeem a sample.


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