CCKSS Family Carnival

It seems more like a meet up with secondary school friends and teachers rather than enjoying the fun fair. It’s not fun at all anyway.

With my higher chinese classmates and Meifoong!
(Photo courtesy of Cheryl)

Jiang 老师 and us! 谢谢您的细心教导与栽培!还有要谢谢您每一次都借字典给我上考场。Guilty as charged!
(Photo courtesy of Cheryl)

With Mr Lee and Ms Ellen Tan.
I still kinda remember how my class 4/5 used to make fun of Mr Lee during PE lessons.
(Photo courtesy of Cheryl)

With Simin, my classmate and close friend in school.
She make me look so short by wearing wedges! So unfair! 😦
(Photo courtesy of Cheryl)

With Mei Foong! I’m so glad I met her in Drama Club.

There are a lot more pictures we took like with our favorite English teacher Mdm Prema, Mr Kong and Mr Tan Wee Liat.

I kinda miss the school because of things we do in school. Secondary school days are always the time where people do stupid things. Ha-ha-ha~


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