Get Luscious Lips with Lip Ice Sheer Colour

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Yay! I got new lip balms added to my collection of lippies!

I’m not new to lip balms, in fact I have more than 5 lip balms and I love them because they can keep my dry and cracked lips moisturized!

Lip balms can be worn alone or underneath lipsticks because lipsticks can be drying and therefore lip balms can help prep lips! It can also be worn when you’re sleeping too!

If lip balms can magically change colors of our dull, pale lips, it would be a bonus too!

Personally I’m not new to Lip Ice Sheer Color! It was already in the market since I was a Primary School kid! I’ve also used them before when I was P4 (I know, vain kid right. But at least I didn’t touch cosmetics)! Perfect for girls who wants to doesn’t like to use cosmetics and yet want to add a tinge of pink on their lips to look healthy.

This time round they repackaged it with new look and two new choices to choose from, Shimmer and Strawberry!

The shimmer contains glitter for luscious, wet lips (no worries, it’s digestible) and the strawberry flavor smells like strawberries! Yum yum~


Here’s my lips before swatch so that you can see the difference.


The glitter is really subtle when applied on and the lips looks a bit pinkish, without being too over the top!


Strawberry is less obvious and gives my lips a touch of pink to look more healthy! Perfect for everyday use!

Lip Ice is really considerate to add natural beeswax into their key ingredients for people who have sensitive skin! Plus, Lip Ice uses 100% food grade natural ingredients! Ingredients include Macadamia Ternifolia seed oil, Jojoba seed oil (good stuff) and Vitamin E!

It costs $7.50 in Watsons and you can stand a chance to participate in their contest!

Just purchase a lip ice sheer color of your choice and take a picture of your lips after you’ve applied it on your lips! Lip Ice will choose 20 most beautiful lips and they will stand to win attractive prizes!

Contest submission ends on 23 August 2011! So hurry and submit a picture of your kissable lips now!


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