Know the Secrets to Keeping Your Hair Healthy and Trendy

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When talking about hair trends, I might not be the person to speak to. But I certainly know a trick or two when it comes to keeping hair healthy and stylish!

Long hair makes hair looks unkempt and can make long, angular face look even longer whereas short hair makes a person’s neck look longer (if you got long neck you should avoid cutting your hair short).

So what kind of length makes any person look good?

The answer is shoulder-length hair!

This season is all about shoulder length hair. But it’s so difficult to tame it right? All the split ends, fried, frizzy hair. Trust me, I’ve been through it and I know it!

Here are some of the few tips to keep hair healthy without burning a hole in your pocket:

1)      Shampoo hair only on scalp and condition your hair ends

The shampoo from your scalp will drip onto the hair ends when you wash it so it’s ok to shampoo just the roots of your hair. Hair ends will only get drier if you shampoo the ends!

 2)      Avoid tying of hair every single day

It’s true that hair grows longer when you tie up your hair, but that’s because you PULL them. Our hair are always being put in such “stressful” conditions will get thinner than before!

3)      Sleep at 10pm!

Our hair grows from 10pm to 12pm (whereas skin cells regenerates after our hair) so it’s important to sleep during that time! This is something that I actually know but didn’t get down to doing it because I don’t have the time.  L

4)      Get regular haircuts

Haircuts are important for healthy hair. You don’t have to get a total new hairstyle to achieve healthy ends, just make sure hair trimming is done to prevent split hair ends!

5)      Hair treatments!

Just like our face needs facial treatments, our hair needs them too! Use hair mask weekly to protect hair damage from free radicals. After shampooing, apply hair mask on hair and cover your hair with a shower cap for maximum effectiveness.

Additionally, you can also visit Yun Nam Hair Care for customized hair treatments!

Yun Nam Hair Care just launched an educational website, to teach people how to achieve healthy hair while still able to keep up with the latest hair trends!

Upon entering the site, you will see different hairstyles, men and women, for you to choose from!

I kind of like the orange hair girl. The hair was layered in such a way that it frames the face properly! But when I click on it, I’m kind of horrified by it:

Damaged hair from chemical treatments!

That is totally what you will get if you frequently do dye jobs and hair styling!

Frequent dye jobs and hair styling can damage your hair and scalp. In short time, hair will look frizzy and untamed and in long time, it leads to hair loss problems!

To get gorgeous hair, you can seek Yun Nam Hair Care for help!

I know right, you might think people who need to visit Yun Nam Hair Care are people with hair loss problems. If we don’t have hair loss problems, what for do we need to go there right?

When you realise you are losing your hair, it’s going to be TOO LATE, because every small hair problems leads to hair loss. It’s only depends on when you get it.

You can still seek professional help as long as you have:

  • Oily Scalp with or without dandruff
  • Grey Hair
  • Dandruff
  • Dried, damaged hair

You will go through these steps for each treatment:

And viola!

Gorgeous looking hair that every girl will die for!

Yes your eyes are not playing tricks on you.

There is really an attractive hair treatment package selling for $18 only!

All of these surely do worth more than $18!

It’s no harm trying, since it’s from Yun Nam Hair Care! Yun Nam is the number 1 trusted brand and the recognised hair care brand in Singapore! It has also achieved 98.7% of success rate amongst customers! All treatments are customized and your scalp is being carefully analysis before treatments.


So you know, if I were you I would click on this link to find out more about the various treatments and give it a go. For $18 for 2 treatments, you have nothing to lose because it’s pocket friendly!

Your hair makes up your personality. It is crucially important to keep your hair in tip-top condition for an attractive appeal. With healthier hair, your confidence shines through naturally. What’s even better, nothing stops you from having trendy and stylish hairstyles. If you notice any signs and symptoms of hair loss problems, seek professional help early with Yun Nam Hair Care today!


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