Review: ChocoMarvel Your Way to Happiness

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Ladies, how do you feel when you get your once a month period?



Do you want to feel happy?

Today, I’m going to introduce a drink that soothes discomfort during period!
This is the first natural menstrual care product that is made into a drink!

As the name suggests, ChocoMarvel is a drink similar to hot cocoa! But there’s more than just being a hot chocolate drink.

Inside this drink is a blend of many different ingredients that helps to relieve menstrual pain and other discomfort! Let me break down the benefits of each key ingredients:

1. Chasteberry Extract
Chasteberry is a herb that relieves menstrual cramps, breast tenderness and disorders (heavy flow/no periods) caused by hormonal imbalance.

2. Angelica Extract
A chinese herb, also known as 当归 (dang gui). It is commonly used to regulate hormones, relieves postmenopausal symptoms and menstrual discomfort.

3. Ginger Extract
It helps to relieve abdominal discomfort and bloating (ever heard of Ginger Tea?), helps relieve menstrual cramps and promotes menstruation.

4. L-Theanine
This is a type of free amino acid found in tea plants. This ingredient reduces anxiety and is a great mood enhancer ingredient!

Most importantly, it uses a non-dairy creamer which also means that vegetarians are able to drink this!

Each box of ChocoMarvel contains 8 sachets of cocoa powder that looked like this:

When open, the powder looks like ordinary cocoa powder and taste like ordinary cocoa drink too!

I’m not really sure if they really helps reduce menstrual discomfort because it’s not my time of my month yet, but it certainly tastes yummy!

I believe that since it can help to reduce menstrual discomfort, you can also drink it when you are having PMS. It has helped a little in reducing my uncomfortable PMS syndromes so all in all, I think the herbs in the drink helps!

If you would like to get a sample to try out (no harm anyway, so why not just redeem away!), check out ChocoMarvel’s facebook page and redeem a sample!

Alternatively, you can purchase a box of ChocoMarvel at $19.90 at all Guardian, Watsons, SaSa, OG, Unity, Robinsons and John Little outlets!


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