Lemon Mini Face Peel


Ever wished you have fairer and smoother skin? Or smaller pores?

I tried a mini face peel using lemons 2 nights ago and it was so good so I knew I had to share this with everyone!

Lemons contains Vitamin A and C, which is essential for maintaining healthy skin. Vitamin C whitens our skin and Vitamin A is good for improving acne and aging skin.

Most importantly, Lemon juice contains Alpha hydroxy acids (AHA). AHA are good for exfoliating skin. It removes the surface layer of our skin to reveal newer skin cells.

Chemical Peel uses a high concentration of AHA with better results in just one peel. But mini face peels using lemons can also achieve the same results in longer period of time!

Apply squeezed lemon juice over the face amd let it dry. After that, apply a second layer of lemon juice and let it sit on the skin for 15 mins. Wash off when time is up.

As lemon juice is a citric acid, it stings face especially areas which has fresh wound or pimples. Do not go out into the sun with the lemon juice on the face!

I would not recommend any use of medicated toner or pimple creams straight after peel as it might burn the “newly formed” skin. My recommended toner is Avene Thermal Spring water as it reduces irritation, balancing the PH level if our skin. After that, slather on your moisturizer and off you go to sleep!

The next day when you wake up, you will realise that your skin has became lighter, smoother and tighter! I also noticed that my pores have became smaller!

Scabs may form if you have sensitive skin or acne problem, but no worries, they are just part of the skin renewal process. Just remember not to pick on the scabs and moisturize your skin to let them fall off on their own!

I recommend doing this mini face peel once a month!


4 thoughts on “Lemon Mini Face Peel

  1. I did this a couple of days ago. I applied the lemon juice only to some parts of my face, then I forgot to rinse it off and fell asleep with it still on my face. Now the parts of my face where I applied the lemon juice are dry, rough and red, it’s less red today than it was yesterday, but I am still scared that it will leave scars. To you think that it can?

    • Hi Anna, this is a sign for irritation. Please do not apply any harsh creams (bp etc) on it. Moisturise your skin and see a doctor if it worsens.

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