20 facts you might want to know about me


1. I watch A LOT of TV Dramas. I spent most of my free time sitting on the couch watching tv dramas with my parents. Currently watching 潜行狙击, 紫禁惊雷 & 甜言蜜语.

2. I can’t multi-task.

3. When I am engrossed in something, I can forget what the whole world is happening.

4. I love sitting down in somewhere like Kinokuniya and read a random book I picked up from the shelves.

5. I hate outdoors.

6. I hate insects too. And butterflies. And spiders. Grrrrr.

7. I think black pigeons look like they carry infectious diseases.

8. I laugh at almost anything, but I also get worked up at almost everything.

9. When I am too angry, I cry.

10. My whole life seems to evolve around green. Awesome.

11. My fav HK tv actor is 马国明 (Kenneth Ma)!

12. I am so lazy to the point that I always wished that I can sit on a wheelchair so that I dont have to walk.

13. I think Facebook is getting boring.

14. I wanna learn to drive a buggy so that I can drive in a park.

15. It’s fun to peek at other people’s newspapers on the bus/mrt.

16. I can’t hold my liquor well.

17. My fav drink is coke. When I drink it in the night time, it’s no difference from drinking alcohol for me.

18. I used to play badminton, cycle and swim.

19. I can sew and I does it pretty well. Sometimes I repair my own clothes.

20. I will be publishing many many blog posts soon once I get down to writing it!


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