Review: Leader’s Clinic Masks!



I got awesome stuffs to share again!


These masks are from a very popular Korea skincare brand called Leaders Clinic. Its Clinie range is developed by top dermatological experts in Korea!

Leaders Clinic sells over 500,000 Clinie masks MONTHLY and their masks have been sold(and well liked) in Japan, Hong Kong and Taiwan!

Glad they are in Singapore now!

Awhile ago, Serenity Allure sent me almost a dozen of their Clinie range masks to try out!


The Vita Whitebeam essential mask contains highly concentrated essence of Vitamin C derivatives, E and Oryanol for brightening and evening of skin tone!


While the N.M.F Aquaringer Ampoule Mask contains equivalent amount of one ampouple content for intense moisturizing and hydration!



Since the Clinie masks are so well liked by many Koreans celebs and hugely raved about it by its users, it must have something interesting or unique about its masks right?!

So what makes them so different from other masks?

1. The Clinie range masks are developed based on dermatological treatment principles, therefore it suits every skin type including the sensitive skin as well!

And here comes my fav part:

It is made of Ultra thin Silk Cellulose that fits anyone’s face, just like a second skin!


Check out how well it fits!


Sometimes I use their 2 step pore care on my nose!

The first step is a pore strip that contains sulfur and charcoal, good for controlling excess oil and refine pores!


Hahaha I know this thing below is gross, but I wanna show you how well it works!


The second step is to use their Pore Stamping Serum to tighten and minimize pores with their Intense Pore Minimizing Concentrate.



After using, my pores became smaller a little and my skin stays sebum free!

I recommend their masks because of their consistency plus, they fits on my skin really well! So do give it a try!

Currently it is being sold in selected Guardian and Sephora outlets!

Do check out their facebook page! There is a giveaway contest happening right now in their facebook page as their page has just crossed 1000 fans!


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