Cherie’s 21st!

I took soooo long to get down to blogging about Cherie’s 21st birthday!
The event happened 2 weeks ago!

Anyway, Cherie booked a nice cozy hotel room near Boat Quay (Studio Hotel M) for her 21st!

A large wall painting and huge winows by the bed. So cozzzzzyyyyyy~ I like! There’s also a second floor, nicely decorated with balloons!

And Cherie captured a picture of me using her camera:

Balloons along the way:

And balloons on the second floor ceiling:

Birthday Girl Cherie!
She’s the first one in the our girls clique to reach 21!

With ke lian de YIEN! Work and work all day. So difficult to see her nowadays haiiiiiiiii.

With Jenny, Cherie and Andric! I find Andric looking more muscular nowadays since he entered army!

Kaikai’s spastic face and us! LOL.

More spastic face of Kaikai:

It was potluck that day so each of us bought food to the party!

Yien brought seaweed chicken (surprisingly it’s edible :P), Andric bought snacks, Kaikai and I bought flavored egg tarts and more were coming!

Watching Laughing Gor’s Turning Point on Funshion:

 After which it was time to cut the cake! We had two cakes because one of them was made by Kai Lin and the other was bought by Cherie’s family!

I swear Kai Lin is a multi talented person! Studied Landscape Architecture, Psychology (briefly), knows Korean language and bakes well! Everyone agrees that the cake tastes so good! Yum yum~ 

It’s a tiramisu cake, so when it’s sliced and distributed, everyone gets a slice that looked like this:

 Machiam single slice cake from a cake shop/cafe! Mad talented!!!

Here’s a photo of Cherie and her family!

And of course group shots before game and forfeit starts:

We had a round of UNO afterwards and here’s a picture of Ronn blowing balloons as his forfeit!

Kai Lin, Sam, Boyfie and I had to go off first! So we didn’t stay for the night with them at the hotel!

Such a short night but we had fun!

All of us shared a gift for Cherie and we got her a bottle of Jimmy Choo perfume! Didn’t take a picture of that but glad she loved it!

Ok that’s all about it. I’m starting to reminiscing the fun already~


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