Manage tresses easily with Style Aromatherapy

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Dry, frizzy hair often occurs in thick and coarse hair. I, myself have been plagued with this problem since the start of my puberty. The kind of hair that will make my family call me 狮子头 (a.k.a “Lion Head” in direct translation).

It’s not a very nice feeling to be called a Lion Head because that means my hair is really at a destruction state! I cared about my hair more than my skin when I was young but clearly I cared about it the wrong way!

Yes, I started to go for hair rebonding at the age of 12. Hair woes no longer bother me but everytime when my hair grows out it became really untame, dry, frizzy and CURLY. Half curly and half poker straight hair looks uglyyyyyyyy~ 😦

Evidence of my wavy hair:



Therefore, 2 years ago I decided to stop going for hair rebonding and kept chopping off the straightened hair. Now that all of the chemical treated hair have been chopped away, my hair is now all natural and healthy!

Since after my years of choosing chemically treated hair over my natural hair, my hair scalp gets more sensitive. Almost every shampoo that I used makes my scalp itchy.

I’ve tried many brands of shampoos before: Head & Shoulder, Essential, Sunsilk, Dove & etc. Essential is not bad but I get a little itching occasionally. Sunsilk makes my hair smooth but it also made my scalp very very itchy.

I’m lucky to try out this brand of hair care called “Style Aromatherapy” and it’s now my fave brand! No, I’m not trying to sell anything, these are really my faves now.

The products I’m given to review are its Ever Lasting Color Hair Protector Moisturizer and Intensive Repair range – Shampoo, Conditioner, Hair Mask and Serum.

So let’s start with my faves:

Their intensive repair range is catered for dry, thick and badly damaged hair. It contains burdock extract and dead sea minerals that leaves hair easier to style. Plus it smells heavenly with its blend of ingredients – that’s why it’s called Aromatherapy. 😉

The shampoo (picture above) is a translucent liquid that takes quite awhile to foam and lather. But it’s lightweight, non-stinging and gentle to my scalp. Some shampoos leaves my scalp with pimples and itching, but this shampoo is so awesome because my scalp is itch and pimple free!

This conditioner (picture above) is also my fave product. Don’t be fooled by its creamy appearance, it is ultra light weight and easily absorbed into my hair! Other conditioner that I’ve used before such as Tsubaki and Essential are not as light weight as this.

I used this on a daily basis, and uses other heavier conditioners on days where I needed more conditioning.

I have not tried on the hair mask yet because the current hair mask I’m using is not used up yet! But the smell of it already made me tempted to try!

This is a really huge tub of hair mask which I believe that it goes a long long way. 🙂

The hair mask uses NAA technology, Borage Seed Oil, Dead Sea Minerals and Burdock Oil to make hair shine and softer.

The hair serum helps to protect and nourish hair with its NAA technology, Burdock Oil, Borage Seed oil and Dead Sea Minerals.

Okay… Sounds and looks oily but definitely not at all! When I first poured it on my hair, I expected it to be greasy as most hair serum does, but this one just disappeared onto my hair when I applied it, leaving my hands grease free.

My hair ends feels softer upon touch as well!

This moisturizer cream is very light weight and protects hair from sun and chemical treatments with its NAA technology, Everlasting oil and dead sea minerals!

Even though its a cream, it’s not heavy at all and makes my hair feels softer when I used it. Definitely great for people who often go for dye jobs.

All in all, its a great hair care line and you can get them easily in Guardians. After using, you can really kiss goodbye to heavy hair products!


12 thoughts on “Manage tresses easily with Style Aromatherapy

  1. Trinie says:

    Your hair really looks beautiful even though you have stop hair straightening 2 years ago. How did you maintain that? My hair now looks like your pics in 2005 and every year I have to straighten my hair cause after few months of straightening, my wavy hair has grown and my head also half wavy half straight. I don’t wish to straighten my hair anymore but it looks ugly =( I’m facing hair loss problems, hair drops a lot – whenever i just brush my hairs with my fingers. Btw, your hair looks straight and bouncy! I want that too. Teach me how please =(

      1. jo says:

        hi, able to share ur hair tips with me? i have really wavy hair (like urs in 2005) n like trinie, i dont wish to rebond my hair anymore as i noticed i m losing hair. how did u manged to keep ur hair straight n silky even tho u stopped rebonding? pls email me at

  2. Tingle says:

    I love your hair it looks so straight, I had thick and frizzy hair, it looks worse than how you look in you 2005 pics. Rebonding was so expensive, I went to rebonding yearly. Hope you can share with me how to get beauty hair like yours.

  3. Christina says:

    Hi, i faces problem of wavy hair too and i wish to achieve straighter hair. Your hair looks perfect even though u stop going for rebonding. Help me! Kindly drop me an email too like the one u did for Trinie. TIA. =)

  4. Elena says:

    Hello! Possible to share the tips with me too? I wanna have straighten hair even without rebonding. Would like to know how to maintain frizzy free hair. I always have such problem.
    My email is

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